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Finding a State Job

The State of Illinois provides job opportunities in a wide range of occupations and titles. The State actively recruits applicants with disabilities and is an affirmative action employer for people with disabilities. Job vacancies and hiring criteria can be found on the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) website. Also available, are career counseling services provided by CMS for anyone considering employment with the State of Illinois. Applicants with disabilities can use the standard personnel system, receive testing accommodation when needed, and have their names appear on eligibility lists for agencies to select for interview. State entities, like all employers, provide reasonable accommodation in job interviews, when needed by applicants with disabilities. The agency EEO/AA Officer or ADA Coordinator can respond to reasonable accommodation requests.

Job link is a free State service that matches applicants and employers. Applicants with disabilities can apply for rehabilitation service and job assistance through the Illinois Department of Human Services’ Division of Rehabilitation Services.

In addition, applicants with disabilities, who are Division of Rehabilitation Services’ customers, can test for jobs and have their names appear on Successful Disability Opportunities (SD) program lists

State Websites for Job Search