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Public Participation Guidelines

Members of the public are afforded time, subject to reasonable constraints, to address the Interagency Committee on Employees with Disabilities at meetings that are open to the public. Anyone wishing to speak before the Committee in order to raise an issue of concern related to State of Illinois employees with disabilities, must follow the instructions below.

  1. Submit a written request at least 72 hours prior to a scheduled meeting​​ via our website​ or the Public Participation Form​​​.
  2. Disclose in summary the general subject of discussion in the initial request to address the Committee and include person’s name, address, and email.
  3. Ensure that the subject of discussion keeps with ICED’s mission of disability-related matters pertaining to employees with disabilities.​ 

Persons seeking to address the Committee that require a reasonable accommodation based on disability, must also submit a request for a reasonable accommodation two weeks prior to each meeting in order to allow sufficient time to provide the accommodation. ​