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State and Federal Resources

Below is a list of some of state and federal resources that can assist persons with disabilities and their families.

Assistive Technology, Equipment, and Interpreter Services

  • ​Illinois Assistive Technology Project: IATP provides a loaning program on devices including AT Demonstrations, AT Device Loans, AT State Financing, and AT Reutilization for individuals of all ages with disabilities.
  • Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission​: IDHHC is an executive state agency that promotes education and awareness of the legal requirements for effective communication on behalf of people with hearing loss in Illinois. They also provide a statewide interpreter directory and an extensive resource list of testing and equipment providers.
  • Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation: ITAC has been issuing equipment since 1988 with the purpose of providing telephone access to Illinois residents who are Hard of Hearing, Late Deafened, Deaf, Deaf-Blind or Speech-Disabled. ITAC is governed by the Illinois Commerce Commission, a Board of Directors and an Advisory Council that has a member representing your area of the state.
  • Illinois State Sur​plus Property: When property is no longer needed by state government, property is made available next to units of local government (cities, towns, counties, etc.) and non-profit organizations (501c, organizations providing assistance to homeless, food banks, etc.). CMS Property Control is charged with the administration and disposal of all surplus personal property generated by state agencies, boards, commissions, universities, and constitutional office-holders, and excess and surplus property no longer needed by the U. S. Government.​


State of Illinois Agencies​​


​Federal/National Resources